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Making Sales: More Science Than Art

Some sales organizations treat key account planning as though it’s an art rather than a science. I think it’s a science. Even if they treat it like a science, many companies don’t really understand it really well or don’t have a systematic way to applying it to their organization.

– Sales Roundup Podcast

I was listening to an episode of the SalesRoundup Podcast the other day that was discussing and giving advice on Key Account Planning. The quote above really hit me and made me realize that I try as often as possible to approach sales as a science. There are so many tools and and strategies available to you as a sales rep that it becomes possible to break making sales into smaller steps and tasks and allows you to tailor your apporoach to achieve the highest rate of success.

This is what I hope to achieve in this blog; to be show you the tools you can use to break account & client management down to a science so you have all the information you need at your fingertips in order to make a calculated and strategic approach at each store you visit. If you do keep an ipod with you in the car while driving around to your accounts, I recommend the podcast mentioned above. I subscribe [iTunes link] to it in iTunes and it automatically puts new episodes on my ipod that I listen to when driving around the state. I only recently started listening, but I’ve gotten some great tips so far.

Happy Selling!