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Recommended Apps

iPad Apps

PDF Expert – Film Forms, annotate PDFs
My #1 iPad app for organizing, editing, and annotating PDFs and other documents. It integrates with Dropbox and is extremely useful if you need to make edits to or fill out a PDF document.

Scanner Pro by Readdle (Universal – iPhone + iPad)
Have you ever found yourself in a store and wished you could scan a document to PDF right there in the store? Now you can using your iphone’s camera. Take a photo with the software and it will automatically align, optimize, and convert the image to a PDF. Truly a great app. Great for when you need to e-mail a copy of a physical document but you have no way to scan it and don’t want to look lame by sending a photo of it.

PDF Convertor (Save Documents, Web Pages, Photos to PDF)
Another iPad app I use if I have a need to convert excel documents or word documents to PDF to make sharing and e-mailing those documents easier. In the past I’ve had to wait until I’m at my computer to convert files into PDFs but now I can do it from the road.


iPhone Apps

PDF Expert – Fill forms, annotate PDFs



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